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Perth Sand And Soil provides quality and on-time blue metal gravel in Perth. Order gravel supplies including rainbow stone and basalt gravel for building and landscaping projects . 



For building and landscaping projects that require blue metal gravel Perth Sand and Soil is your supplier of choice. We’ve got a variety of blue metal gravel and dust that can perfectly serve as a base beneath artificial lawns, pathways, driveways, concreting, and paving. Its great particle strength makes it ideal to combine with concrete mixes too. Common applications for our 20mm blue metal include cement aggregate, drainage, decorative purposes, and soak well lining.

Blue metal is mined, crushed, and processed on site, becoming an important part of many construction, concreting, and landscaping projects. Aside from serving as a base or sub-base for underneath asphalt pavement, it can also be used as fillers for pot plants. Blue metal is called as such because of its inherent blue colour.

Where Blue Metal Is Used

Aside from being used as a thick base layer for parking lots, roads, driveways and the like, many builders use crushed blue metal as backfill for their building foundations too. When it comes to landscaping, blue metal’s colour serves as an aesthetic and at the same time provides a stable based for your other landscaping materials.

Why Choose Perth Sand And Soil

Perth Sand and Soil is the best supplier of blue metal gravel Perth builders and landscapers prefer. More than being trusted by these experts, Perth Sand and Soil is also owned by a professional landscaper. That means we can provide you more than enough product knowledge you need for your projects. We’re proud to say that we have an eye for aesthetics too so we can recommend products and other supplies you may need for your landscaping or building project.

As the choice supplier of Perth and surrounds, we strive to provide total customer satisfaction and premium, high quality landscaping and building products, ensuring you that you will have the best materials for your landscaping and building projects. Call us today and ask us about our premium products and delivery services for your project.


Why Choose Us?

You choose Perth Sand and Soil because of –

  • High-quality Materials – You will gain a wide range of the highest quality materials from truly sustainable sources, the best manufacturers, and the top brands in Perth and across Australia
  • Fast and On-time Delivery – You can expect all your material deliveries to be delivered exactly where and when you need it on time every single time.
  • Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction – You are guaranteed the highest level of service excellence and customer satisfaction for every order that you book with us.
blue metal gravel perth
20mm blue metal gravel

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