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Perth Sand And Soil offers high-quality enviro mulch in Perth. Variety of garden mulch including black mulch, jarrah woodchips, karri and peat, mushroom compost, and pine bark available to help you grow the healthiest plant life.

Enviro mulch PERTH

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to coloured mulch, Perth Sand and Soil offers enviro mulch Perth residents can use on their garden and other open spaces. Our enviro mulch is composed of finely ground composted tree mulch and priced within your reach. It still provides your garden and lawn with the many benefits of mulch like soil moisture and temperature regulation, weed prevention, and nutrients and water distribution and retention. Because enviro mulch is suitable for all applications, it is perfect to use for large commercial and council projects as well. Enviro mulch provides a natural aesthetic if you choose it as an alternative to coloured mulches. If you need enviro mulch, Perth Sand and Soil offers mulch delivery in Perth and surrounds.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, enviro mulch also reduces evaporation of water from the soil and helps reduce erosion. It’s also perfect to use for plants and vegetation. As an alternative to dyed mulch, enviro mulch has its own natural aesthetic giving your lawn and open space an organic look. It easily blends with the greenery too, so the landscape view is very easy to the eyes. Because enviro mulch are composted tree mulch, natural decomposition happens, providing natural nutrients needed by the soil to help plants grow healthy.

Trusted by Professionals

Perth Sand and Soil is trusted by professional landscapers, property developers, gardeners, horticulturists, homeowners, and the like to provide the best landscaping supplies for their needs, whether it’s a small scale or large scale commercial project. We’re proud to say that our sand and soil products have been used on open lawns and wide spaces of many residential and commercial complexes, adding both aesthetic and market value to the properties. From providing a variety of premium and high quality sand, soil, mulches, and stone needed to fulfill a grand landscaping design or to simply tend to your greenhouse or garden needs, Perth Sand and Soil is there for you.

Why Choose Perth Sand And Soil

Perth Sand and Soil is the choice supplier of enviro mulch in Perth when it comes to landscaping and gardening needs. We provide high quality sand, soil, mulch, stone and other materials to many satisfied customers like homeowners, property builders and developers, and the like. Count on us to provide you with premium enviro mulch and other landscaping and building products to make your gardens and other wide spaces breathtakingly beautiful all year round. Call us today!


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You choose Perth Sand and Soil because of –

  • High-quality Materials – You will gain a wide range of the highest quality materials from truly sustainable sources, the best manufacturers, and the top brands in Perth and across Australia
  • Fast and On-time Delivery – You can expect all your material deliveries to be delivered exactly where and when you need it on time every single time.
  • Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction – You are guaranteed the highest level of service excellence and customer satisfaction for every order that you book with us.
enviro mulch perth
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