Fill Sand Unscreened Perth

Perth Sand And Soil offers high-quality fill sand unscreened in Perth. We offer various sand supplies for paving, filling, and bricklaying projects.

Fill Sand Unscreened PERTH

If you need sand for filling purposes in your yard, Perth Sand and Soil’s fill sand unscreened in Perth. We are the best sand and soil materials supplier in Perth that builders and landscapers rely on. Generally, unscreened fill sand (commonly known as fill sand or cable sand) is used for trench backfill or as a binding layer for concrete, paving or asphalt.

Unscreened fill sand, often simply referred to as “fill sand,” is a coarse and naturally occurring material commonly used in construction and landscaping projects. Unlike its screened counterpart, unscreened fill sand has not undergone any mechanical sifting or sorting processes to remove impurities or achieve a consistent particle size. This makes it an ideal choice for certain applications where precise uniformity is not a primary concern. Unscreened fill sand is typically excavated from natural sources like riverbanks or quarries and is favored for its cost-efficiency and availability.

One of the key advantages of unscreened fill sand is its versatility. It is often used as a foundational material for various construction endeavors, such as road construction, foundation backfill, and general grading purposes. Its irregular particle size distribution and mixed composition allow for good compaction, helping to stabilize and support the structures or surfaces it is used beneath. However, it’s important to note that the lack of screening means that unscreened fill sand may contain varying proportions of silt, clay, and organic matter, making it less suitable for projects where precise engineering requirements or aesthetic considerations are crucial. Careful compaction and adequate drainage measures are typically necessary to optimize its performance in different applications.

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For your fill sand unscreened and other landscaping and building needs, let Perth Sand and Soil be your supplier of choice. More than being trusted by many landscape professionals, gardeners, horticulturists, gardening enthusiasts, and the like, Perth Sand and Soil is owned by a professional landscaper. That means we can provide you more than enough product knowledge you need for your projects. We’re proud to say that we have an eye for aesthetics too so we can recommend products and other supplies you may need for your landscaping or building project.

As the choice provider of Perth and surrounds for their landscaping and building needs, we strive to provide total customer satisfaction, from our premium and high quality landscaping products to prompt and timely soil delivery Perth customers have been familiar with. Count on us to provide you with the best brickies sand Perth customers have been using for their landscaping and building projects. Call us today and ask us about our premium products and delivery services for your project.


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