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Perth Sand And Soil provides quality pea gravel roadbase in Perth, which are great for adding colour to your garden.



There are many suppliers of pea gravel roadbase in Perth but if you’re searching online for “pea gravel near me”, let your search end with us—Perth Sand and Soil. As Perth’s premier landscape shop, we offer various products like gravel, sand, mulch, soil, and other landscape accessories. And that includes pea gravel roadbase. Pea gravel compacts very well and presents an earthy aesthetic. It is commonly used in rural and semi-rural properties for driveways and roads, nature trails and footpaths. Pea gravel is a great material for landscaping because of its aesthetic and functional properties that make for a handsome view.

What Gets It Going for Pea Gravel Roadbase

There are many advantages going for pea gravel roadbase as opposed to its disadvantages. Here’s a short rundown of what you’re getting when using pea gravel for your landscaping needs.

  1. Affordability. Cracked pea gravel is one of the most affordable gravel or landscaping material available. Per cubic meter of pea gravel usually starts at $130.
  2. Versatility. Pea gravel can be used for almost any landscaping, from patios, driveways, pathways and more!
  3. Easy Installation. You don’t need special tools or machinery to install pea gravel.
  4. Easy Maintenance. Just set the pea gravel where you need it to. You can leave it for years or an occasional raking will do to keep the pea gravel in place.
  5. Comfortable. Although cracked pea gravel does have edges, the smaller and smoother nature of this stone make it one of the more comfortable to walk on.

The Many Uses of Pea Gravel

Pea gravel provides homeowners and landscapers an inexpensive option to beautify their grounds. Aside from being easy to install and maintain—you just have to rake the pea gravel in place and they’re all good as new—it has many uses aside from landscaping.

Driveways – aside from its durability and easy-to-maintain properties, pea gravel provides good drainage, making it a great choice to use for driveways.

Pathways – Cracked pea gravel is a fantastic alternative to round pea gravel in pathways. The cracked nature of our pea gravel reducing the roundness of each stone meaning they won’t roll under your feet! With less movement and a beautiful natural colour, cracked pea gravel is perfect material for pathways or walkways..

Solid foundation for paving stones – because of its small size and intrinsic strength, pea gravel can be your base underneath the paving stones.

Mulch alternative – as mentioned earlier, pea gravel prevents growth of weeds and retains moisture, making it your best choice of hard stone mulch material around plants.

House borderlines – pea gravel has excellent drainage, so water isn’t retained when it rains. It also acts as a barrier against rodents because they won’t be able to dig through it.

For Your Landscaping & Building Needs

Perth Sand and Soil is the choice material supplier in Perth when it comes to landscaping and building needs. We provide premium quality sand, soil, mulch, stone and other quality materials to many satisfied customers like homeowners and commercial businesses, property builders and developers, and the like. Count on us to provide you with the best cracked pea gravel Perth customers can look forward to using in landscaping and building projects. Count on Perth Sand and Soil.


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  • Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction – You are guaranteed the highest level of service excellence and customer satisfaction for every order that you book with us.



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