Pine Bark Mulch Perth

Perth Sand And Soil offers high-quality pine bark mulch in Perth. We offer various garden mulch including black mulch, enviro mulch, jarrah woodchips, karri and peat, and mushroom compost to grow the healthiest plant life.


Perth Sand and Soil offers the ultimate pine bark mulch Perth residents can use in their gardens and other open spaces. Our pine bark mulch come from shredded barks of pine trees. The consistency of pine bark mulch varies from smaller shredded pieces of bark to larger chunks. What makes this type of mulch unique is its long-lasting quality.  It not only insulates soil but enhances it with aluminium, promoting green, leafy growth by reducing toxicity caused by highly acidic soils.

Another characteristic of pine bark mulch that makes it ideal for your garden and landscaping is its colour: pinkish or reddish brown. It’s all organic, no dye needed, adding natural attractiveness to your lawn, making casual passers-by admire the view. So for your pine bark mulch needs and other gardening materials, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to provide you with other premium and affordable, high-quality landscaping products.

Benefits of Pine Bark Mulch

Professional horticulturists choose pine bark mulch for gardening and landscaping because of its end result: a finely textured ground cover that’s easy on the eye. The aesthetic it provides leaves your garden and open space a calming ambience and a sense of order. More than that, pine bark mulch blends easily anywhere you set it, giving your grounds a natural, landscaped look.

Aside from the aesthetic and convenience it provides, pine bark mulch also provides functional benefits. It’s completely organic, making it eco-friendly. Natural decomposition provides natural nutrients needed by the soil to help flowering plants grow healthy. It also helps prevent growth of weeds as pine bark mulch (and other mulch for that matter) blocks the sunlight that promotes weed growth. When pine bark mulch covers the ground, it helps prevent soil erosion. That’s because it help retains moisture, keeping the soil together, and protecting the soil from external changes in temperature.

For Your Landscaping & Gardening Needs

Perth Sand and Soil is the choice material supplier in Perth when it comes to landscaping and gardening needs. We provide premium quality sand, soil, mulch, stone and other quality materials to many satisfied customers like homeowners, property builders and developers, and the like. Count on us to provide you with high quality pine bark mulch Perth horticulturists approve of to make your lawn and gardens healthy and breathtakingly beautiful all year round. Call us today and ask us about our mulches and other premium products for your gardening and landscaping needs.


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