Black Plus Mulch


Enhance your garden with our Black Plus Mulch, a premium choice that not only adds a beautiful visual contrast but also offers multiple benefits for your plants and soil. This finely ground mulch effectively reduces evaporation from the soil, helping to maintain moisture levels essential for plant growth. Its dense texture acts as an ideal maintenance mulch, suppressing weed establishment and promoting a cleaner garden environment.

Crafted to meet AS4454 standards, our Black Plus Mulch is fully composted and compliant, ensuring its quality and sustainability. Rest assured, it’s pathogen-free and has been rigorously tested for dieback, guaranteeing a safe addition to your garden. Plus, with 100% recycled organic content, you can feel good about choosing an eco-friendly option for your landscaping needs. Upgrade your garden with Black Plus Mulch today

A great alternative to our standard black mulch if you’re looking for a dark mulch with less sandy consistency.

Please note that this product contains small amounts of pebbles due to being a recycled product. 


Product Total: $100Plus Delivery

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